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I am using Win7 Pro 32bit Service pack1. Any suggestions? Thanks for your time, dan…. Not sure what may have happened, but usually this means a task in the background is accessing the database.

What is the database directory on Linux Ubuntu systems? I suspect they may have become corrupt when I tried to run a Rename query without having a connection and force-quit the app. I hope this does not happen again. It looks like frozen. I guess you read all meta information from these files when loading. You could add a loading screen or something like that to show the progress until all files are added.

Much better is to list all added filenames directly and start a background thread for reading meta information. It would be great to add an additional possibility to rename files:If you select some files or episodes in the lists and these selected entries have episodes or files allocated, the button rename should allow to only rename these selected entries from the list.

This allows to rename files of a TV show with many files step by step. The loading of metadata and files depend on the speed of TheTVDB and the speed of your Internet connection — at the first load of a show. Depending on your expiration settings, default is 7 days, data is retrieved locally and should be fast. This is why I implemented the use of SQLite database. While loading data the headers of the sections indicate activity. Loading data from TheTVDB, in a separate thread, would not be impossible — but the implementation will take some work and I have to finish a few other applications before I can start this.

Renaming only the selected files; I may or may not implement this. My concern with this would be that a user could have selected a row by accident and not anticipate that with that selection only one show gets renamed.

That goes straight to the top of the ToDo list. And the same goes for the default path for the log file. I think right now it defaults to the related directory, but I may be wrong. I think we have talked at cross purposes. Try adding files or more at once. It will take very long until your program responses again without showing activity meanwhile. Of course this depends on your speed of your internet connection and is good for me.

If the TV show is in cache, does this button only gets episodes from cache or does it compare them with thetvdb too if there has been an update? I hear you on some filenames getting too long. I see that making sense.

I wish TheTVDB would be more consistent with this — not a big fan myself of using year numbers to indicate a season, but that is a personal preference. I have seen some shows where regular season numbers and years have been mixed. What are your thoughts on that approach? RMTV will automatically default update data, if the data in the database is older than 7 days. Every time you close RMTV, it will forget what episodes you assigned to what files.

Ah that makes more sense …. I only included it for the very few users requesting this. I really have to think about what I can do to make this intuitive for the user.

Thanks again for the input — I very much appreciate it and it will help make the tool even better! Sometimes Episode titles are too long — e. This is a complete episode title for some specials. I cannot differentiate between titles for mapping. I saw these continuing TV shows with season numbers and then changing into year for season naming too.

There are the filenames shown how they should be named after clicking on the button rename. Of course RMTV should forget what episodes you assigned to what file. There is no need to save such information! The Force Refresh has already been implemented in my test version. I do have 2 major other projects that need my attention as well. And if not do you suggest any similar program for movies too which I have same problems with my movie banks.

It takes much more time to move forward step by step and consider how long it takes to correct my 2 TB mp3 music archive. Thanks for this great comment again, it does put a smile on my face imagining your enthusiasm! Thanks man! My application does not do movies — sorry. Thanks again for the compliments — awesome that you enjoy the application. B — Your winner card in this software is ease of operation in general usage. I have some Questions too and I would be glad if you answer them.

Or Press cancel to kill the program. I mean is the software able to find out video file format by itself? And if not what is the best way to make the arrangements. I hope best of all for you. Hi Rimartic. Thanks again for the compliments and showing me the strengths of the application from a users perspective! I have actually seen with most of my applications used in surprisingly different ways than what I originally designed them for.

All good though. This means that the application could not find ffprobe. Under Windows this is ffprobe. For MacOS X, the ffprobe executable is in the. Please verify and let me know, so I can start digging into this and see what may have gone wrong. If we resolve issue 1 , then that would resolve this issue as well. As for the behavior of the grid of the selected files and episodes; this is because I had to use a different control to keep both lists synchronized when scrolling.

I guess this is a topic we should look at once we resolved issue 1. The video format is expressed in p, p, 4K, etc. Media tools like Kodi can read this. Not my cup of tea. Thanks again for your enthusiasm, it does keep me motivated to do more …. Therefor we would also reach to software functions in every place we are working in it and have tools right with us. I believe such a thing will make your program more dynamic. Many of my friends and colleagues come to me when they want to buy a computer or upgrade their desktop system or mobiles for free of course!

But I love everything related to computers. Other functions will need to be handled in the RMTV application select show etc. So keep up the good work and keep enjoying computers and other gadgets — I know I do Architect, oh wow, nice — my dad used to be an Architect!

My last job was CTO of a medical laboratory — so work is related to computer stuff. I hope to see huge and great outcomes of your job actually not every huge outcome!!

But what I can do is according to your open source program and also free of charge, I know a few multi program provider websites which have over 50k to k visitors and I will introduce your software and put download link of your site over there and I hope it helps more people around the world to see and download your program.

Nothing wrong with asking question. Promoting the application elsewhere is always good — I could use some more visitors for sure. I very much appreciate that! And visiting my website is great as well! So I wanted to avoid that from happening. Thanks for the nice interaction! This problem has not been reported by other Mojave users. There are several reasons why this may happen;. If your files are on a network share; make sure you have the proper access rights that allow you to rename the files.

I have seen this happen with some network shares as well, where one machine is trying to access a file scan for meta data, create a thumbnail, etc while your Mac is trying to rename the file. What could be the issue for this and is there an easy fix I can do on my end? A few things that may have caused this in your situation;. So it would take 7 days before RMTV would try to get updated info. Now having said that; when looking for a show, the initial data will always be retrieved from TheTVDB.

If the last updated date provided by TheTVDB is newer than the one stored in the database, the database data will be updated. But … this date is not always provided correctly it seems. So to force an update of the data, go into settings and set the cache expiration days to zero — it will ALWAYS update. After that you can if you want to set this back to 7 days.

But the choice is entirely up to you. Setting the cache expiration to zero did not cause it to update. It immediately repopulated the same episode list with the same missing episodes.

I ran the program on a different computer, and it grabbed all the episodes just fine. So no big deal, as I was planning on using this other computer for this job from this point forward anyway. But a force refresh button would certainly help in this situation. There are a few other requests see above from Alexander that I want to include. Then again, I main not entirely know what you mean.

Thanks for your kinds words — probably one of the best motivating words so far! Just started using. Perhaps restarting the program fixed the problem — not sure why it did not work then did work. As for Drag and Drop — this should already work. What OS are you running? For MacOS additionally; drag and drop on the dock icon should work as well. My internet connection is OK with everything.

I am at a loss to understand what is going on. Any suggestions are more than welcomed. There are probably a few more reasons, but these are the ones I could come up. More API details can be found here. Everything else internet related was ok on my side, and I asked some friends to try to acces tvdb. While RmTVs could not run, I could not acces tvdb.

I am a user of Emby server and Emby for Kodi clients and recently, Emby introduced a major read huge update to their system. To make matter worse, once the Emby library rescan was over, a similar rescan of all 3 Kodi clients was needed.

This will disable all Chrome browser extensions and ad blockers which can often cause page loading issues.

Other things to try would be deleting your browser cache and cookies, but you probably tried that. Unfortunately, society wants me to have a full time job as well … Oh I so wish I could do development like this full time. Thank you for providing us with free, intuitive, malware free, well performing software AND friendly support too. We could use a lot more Hans out there. Thanks MfU! Long time no talk!! You know, usually after release of a movie in internet, based on time of releasing, it starts with Cam, HDCam, HDScrn, and, … many other sort of craps!!!

Of formats like for instance:. Man, I can feel it right now your head is about to explode! To answer all these questions.! I think you got what I mean and what is my confusion.

Best of all. Thanks MfU for chiming in!! Shetland most recent episode Shetland. Episode 1 2. Episode 2 3. Episode 3 4.

Episode 4 5. Episode 5 6. Episode 6. Uneasy Lies the Head that Wears the Crown 2. London Bridge is Falling Down 3. Et in Arcadia 4. Foreign Bodies 5. A Show of Unity 6. A Coburg Quartet 7. A Public Inconvenience 8. The White Elephant. The Fuller Dogfight 2. The Flatwoods Monster 3. The Lubbock Lights 4. Operation Paperclip 5. Foo Fighters 6. The following would be convenient wishlist item …. Please check version 2.

Hope this at least keeps you going. Excellent number of examples! I could make it a default for that particular OS. I am a new user and I love your program, it has some great options, I love the move feature as one of them. I have found one issue I am using release for Windows 2. Is their something I am doing wrong? As for your question; this should work — maybe you ran into a little bug. Do you have some example filenames for me to test? Feel free to remove the files from DropBox.

With these kind of tests I always create an empty dummy file. I found the problem. Seems one of the standard functions was giving an unexpected result. So I created a function of my own that should handle this correctly now version 2. But file created has only 1 width for season and episode e. I have tried a few different codes and numbing options hoping to get it to work but no luck.

And your filenames: Stargate — S02E07 — Message. I hope I understood that correctly? That should do the trick. Did you restart RMTV after making the change? This should be an easy fix, which I will incorporate in the next release. Silly mistake on my end — my apologies.

Again apologies for the inconvenience. Thanks for confirming! So I am trying out your program on Ubuntu and dropping some shows in that are p and even with ffprobe ticked the renamer only wants to name them p.

A little test you could do with the specific files. I would however like to request an addition to the available file formating codes. Thank you very much for the very nice compliment and I do like your way of organizing your series. For this new parameter we could indeed take the last episode air date, if a show has been ended. Now the question how we would want to handle shows that you started before they ended, and what to do when they actually did end. Then again, it would probably only be a niche group of users that may use this.

Please, can you add a splitter to resize the Episodes list too? Still stuck in one of my other projects, I try to not jump too often between projects. Im trying to rename Velvet which returns nothing with the year in the search and three shows without the year:. When I select Velvet no episodes are shown from theTVdb — as the episodes are only listed in Spanish with all blanks in English on the website so that makes sense, however when I change the language to Spanish the app refreshes, selects Tipping the Velvet as it is first in the list I guess , and reverts back to English.

I have also tried setting the default language to Spanish in settings to no avail. Thank you very much for the compliments! And while testing this, I can see this to be slightly annoying.

My best guess is that one or the other TheTVDB user is working on it, so maybe we have to be patient until that person is done. You could also participate and complete the list yourself. I have not considered TheMovieDB — the data seems pretty complete there though. On my list of additional source, I do have MazeTV. On MazeTV the list seems complete, but the titles are in Spanish. Haha, yeah Linux has a way to go before I can fully switch to it — unfortunately, because even Apple is throwing up some roads block that I as a developer do not particularly like haha.

Not sure if that was the motivation for TheRenamer to stop. Thanks for the compliment and … questions are always welcome! Yes you can rename batches, but unfortunately finding the matching show an episode is manual. I have been using the software for a year or 2 and Love it. Just installed 2.

But just wanted to know if you were going to make the TV show drop down box scrolling? Because I have more than 40 shows that I work with. Glad you like the new version! When there are too many items in the list, you should see a little arrow at the top and bottom of the list, allowing you to scroll through the list.

Granted, I would have preferred using my mouse scroll wheel for this — but it appears OS specific MacOS, for example, allows using the scroll wheel. Thank you for the quick response.

That helped me a lot. Here is information for you. I am running Windows 10 dual monitors but not the same size. My main display was x and my second one was x So I was running Rename program on the second monitor because it fits in the landscape and with the info about the arrows at top and bottom I just saw the top arrow. So I slide the program to my main display then I saw both arrows.

Thank you so much for all the hard work you and everyone else do, to make a better program for us. In the past I used a so called dropdown box for this, but since that did not work consistently well over the 3 platforms Windows, MacOS, Linux , I changed it to a popup menu.

Right now when I have a series that has multiple episodes per video file, I import in the episode names and then have to select each 2 shows starting from the top and right click to merge them. Would it be possible to add a feature so that all the shows can be selected, right click to a menu and there I can pick to merge 2 shows together and the system will work from the top down merge every set of two?

Seems to happen on kids shows a LOT. For a 30 minute episode, after commerical removal you are left with about minutes of show. They will break the show into two episodes of minutes each.

I had no idea haha. If you could post one or two example shows, then I can keep those in mind when testing in the future. This will be helpful for testing.

I did try to find an answer for this issue, and so far I can only see that it has to do with a paint event that is triggered while another paint event is being handled.

Doing some more reading I find that this is actually not stopping your program. Something else must be preventing the application to start. Can you see anything else in the system logs? Do you know the message you see in the CLI? This seems to be a warning that appears when the application is doing a repaint of the form TfmRMTV in this case while doing something that causes a repaint again. I think I have found the issue the downside of working cross platform I guess — it was easier than I expected.

Let me know if this fixes the issue for you as well. Thanks for the confirmation Andre! But I cannot figure out how to use it for the life of me! The extra features are just nice to have incase you have special requirements. This software is my new friend for organising my library. Having said that; as a user I hate these kind of approaches hefty price or subscription model with a passion — so I will not do this to folks using my tools either.

Probably the reason why I still need a job hahah … I just hope my visitors will keep coming back, click the occasional advertisement, do a small donation, or shop at Amazon USA , Germany though my links — I suppose that was a shameless plug for my own stuff hahaha and none of it is required! I also know that it is not easy to live from a passion. Thanks Cam. I wanted to share my early experience here. Error was weird since the files have been renamed and moved correctly.

Maybe an option to choose move or copy could be useful. Maybe Having the possibility to modify the name by right click, double click or two simple clicks would be nice especially with merged episodes. RMTV has been tested thoroughly under Mojave The only thing I can come up with is that it will try to automatically download an entire TV show, and sometimes this can be a lot of work. I hope this will improve your experience. I can say this, since I complain about this as well as a Path Finder user — where Path Finder freezes up every now and then for seemingly no good reason.

Awesome to hear you still like it even though you ran into a few snags. About the notification, I believe it only said it failed. I would rather say that copying from one network share to a different share with the iMac in between is a probable cause for the failed notification even though it worked. The ability to move the files after the renaming process is actually is a very nice function to have.

I was just giving my personal feedback here. Your feedback is very much appreciated — I really like interaction with users, and see where we can make the application better. I just update the list myself and it works great. However, for some users myself included , this does not seem to be a problem.

Maybe this is related to your Internet speed? Thanks for your hard work ;. A garee, Mb is excellent for speed. Glad it works though and thanks for the compliment! Could you split this setting to fill zeros for season and episodes? Maybe a click on the banner could open a window with all banners available and let the user chose the one for downloading? All episodes will be equal in length. If you have more than 99 episodes, number will have 2 leading zeros, will have one leading zero. If however the actual season numbers go beyond this length, the maximum observed length will be used.

If you have less than 10 seasons, the seasons will be one digit. Episodes will be at least 2 digits long. I will take this in consideration for a next release.

No promises though — there are more requests, but it is on the To-Do list now. You have scaling issues regarding 4k monitors. The developers of VLC were faced with same issue the last few years and finally got around to fixing it so text would be correct scaling and readable.

Enclosed is a screencap where the buttons are completely unreadable. Looks like nothing but —— on the screen. Thanks for this resource. Oh wow, that sure is an issue. I have not seen this happen before. Do you know what the DPi settings of your screen are? Would you be willing to do a few tests I could email you directly?

I took a part of your screenshot and glued it into you message for future reference, I hope that is OK with you. I apologize for not quite understanding what you mean. I suspect you may be referring to the so called metadata of an episode — VLC may use that to show the title, which if this is the case is not necessarily the same as the filename.

In the metadata, one could also store cover art commonly doen with for example music files. However, RMTV at this time does not support adding or modifying meta data.

Please let me know if I understood your question correctly. Yes your correct maybe I can stop the vlc media player from showing title and just show the file name instead. That way it will match each episode that plays. For macOS: p. Now the filename will appear instead of the meta data. It would be really cool if we could update metadata too! Just the title would be enough for me :. In essence the file needs to be ripped apart and rebuild from scratch with the update or new meta data added.

OK, I did some quick testing with ffmpeg, just changing the metadata title for a few video files tested mkv, avi and mp4 and these are the findings. Since most probably have p or better for their files, renaming a lot of files can be quite a long process which may or may not be acceptable.

Suggestions, comments, and alternatives are most welcome …. The beta release has it build-in. Thank you very much for the offer. Thanks for the amazing software. No more manually renaming tv shows. Added the amazon affiliate link. Running windows Testing it here I do have an UltraWide Screen , things work fine. What is the resolution of your screen maybe I can test it in a virtual machine?

Pics below. Thanks Lance for posting the pictures. There seems to be a scaling issue for some Windows users text in the buttons can become tiny , but I have not been able to reproduce the issue on my Virtual Machines VMWare Fusion.

It would be possible to do it with this program? If not, can you maybe make an option for that? For example TwilightZone and X-Files, but there may be more. I think I did a good job, but some folks always know better. So if this is the last episode, add the preferred text at the location where the user indicated. As for open source; I will reevaluate my position in the future — not sure how many people actually work with Lazarus Pascal, but I can see an advantage to sharing code to add more powerful features.

Maybe one day … unfortunately, some people can be quite rude — but I agree that it most certainly is not the majority. I used delphi and Borland Pascal while I was at school! I knew that they where still in use, even if not popular, but I never found any app that use it. When Lazarus became available, I started working with that. The Voice : La plus belle voix in French. The RmTVs listing ends at s08e09, while the tvdb listing, currently at s08e13 goes all the way to s08e From Rename my TV 2.

On tvdb page, when looking at complete season 8 ee16 , I noticed the English button was blue, I hit Francais button and there was s08 ee09 with blank spaces for ee Overall, its not bad tvdb , but as with any large database that is user-operated, I guess errors and inconsistencies are to be expected.

Maybe I should do the same for tvdb. But even that seems a lot more straightforward to achieve on themoviedb than the mayhem universe of tvdb. It all seemed off-topic!

I managed to find the solution. I had many like this. Thanks for the tip! Renewing your ESET protection takes just a few clicks. Device management, Anti-Theft and Parental Control setup. License key required. Get free, local tech support for your ESET home or business products.

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Eset smart security 5 free full version 64 bit free

(i) the one-year prohibition on seeking or accepting employment or any form of compensation or financial benefit from any contractor or vendor with whom . Oct 28,  · But there is more; macOS users wanted a 64 bit version to avoid the 32 bit complaining and having the application signed was on the wishlist for them as well. Support for SSL (since API requires this), the use of notifications and the support for a dark theme, the merging of 2 episodes, caching results, are a few of other desired or. 2. Download the ESET Internet Security installer file here. 3. Double-click the installer file to begin the installation and follow the on-screen instructions. 4. Activate your protection by logging in to, or creating, your ESET HOME Account, or by inserting your unique license key.


Eset smart security 5 free full version 64 bit free


But there is more; macOS users wanted a 64 bit version to avoid the 32 bit complaining and having the application signed was on the wishlist for them as well. Please consider disabling your ad blocker for our website.

We rely on these ads to be able to run our website. You can of course support us in other ways see Support Us on the left. Originally the application was built as a purpose to learn more about Lazarus Pascal and cross-platform development. Rename My TV Series, and Tweaking4All in general, does not provide any methods, means, or services, to access or distribute copyrighted materials. Rename My TV Series cannot be used, and is not intended, to promote or facilitate the possible illegal distribution of copyrighted materials.

Always consult your local laws — be informed. It is your own responsibility to comply with these laws. In the meanwhile, my tool is being used be a lot of users to help them rename TV-Series files. Just keep in mind that this tool is not to promote illegal downloading or illegal sharing of copyrighted materials.

This has been expanded with features like resolution, year, data first aired, etc. Step 1 is obviously downloading the latest version.

Pick from the list below, the version suitable for your Operating System:. You can find the package here. To make access to beta releases easier, here the most current beta versions. Please be aware that these are test versions, so they can have bugs and potentially will destroy all your files and set you house on fire. Linux users : Please pay attention to the versions. There is a GTK version and a Qt5 version! Also note as mentioned before that some dependencies may need to be met. Linux users create a directory and drop the renamemytvseries and ffprobe binaries in it.

You can optionally use one of the icons. Windows users run the setup file to get the installation started. Most likely nobody reads this section, and I hope that is the case, as it would mean that I did a good job on designing the application.

Tip: Quite a few options can also be found in the regular menu op the application. MacOS users will find it in the top menu bar, and Linux users will see the menu in the top part of the application. On that note: tons of thanks to the people at the Lazarus Forum and especially Dmitry who did a lot of Cocoa development.

Things have been growing a little out of proportion, I hope to though on some of these new features as we go through the user interface. Note: This application is completely English and that will probably not change anytime soon.

This is just a hobby for me, and society expects me to have a job. This can be part of the name or the full name of a TV show. Sometimes the desired show does not appear right away. This will look something like this:. This brings us to the use of the database. Once a show has been retrieved with episodes, it will all be cached in a database, so the next time you want to retrieve this show it will pull it from the database which is much faster. This is why there is an option in the preferences that allows you to dictate how quick data expires and needs to be refresh.

By default this is 7 days, since most shows have one episode per week anyway. In this section you will see the episodes of the selected show listed. Exceptions are when the search only returned one result, or you selected an item from the History menu, episodes appear automatically.

Continuous numbering means that when Season 1 ends with episode 24, then Season 2 starts with episode 25, etc. Right clicking an episode will bring up a menu, with items depending on your selection;.

Each row will link a selected episode to a selected file, which can be shuffled manually or sorted before actually renaming anything. None of the notifications require interaction, as they disappear automatically. Tip for Windows users: Before right clicking a selection of multiple episodes, you may need to keep the Shift button pressed to not loose the selection.

After adding episodes, you can Sort or Remove them, drag them up and down, or Clear the entire list. After adding one or more files has completed, a brief summary will appear showing you how many files were found and added.

If FFprobe was enabled, but somehow failed to find media information, this will be reported as well. As with episodes, added files can be Sort ed, Remove d, shuffled by manually dragging them around, and you can Clear the entire list. Sorting is done on best effort and may or may not work perfectly. We try to remove numbers in show-names and years, in hopes to get a useful sort based on numbers remaining. This has worked very well for me, but I can imagine that this is not perfect.

Feel free to report sort issues in the comments below. When adding files, and with FFprobe enabled, files will be analyzed right away. This will slow down reading the files, even though FFprobe is amazingly fast.

Rename My TV Series offers the option to move renamed files to a new location. More about the renaming format later, as this is the same format used to define the renaming format for files. Option 2 — Make a directory structure in the directory where the file currently resides. Obviously FFprobe will not detect any media info, as there is none, but at least you can try and test without losing any important files.

Failures will be reported in this log file as well. I find this convenient since I can see right away what happened. To remedy this, Rename My TV Series strips the years from names, for those that have a year in the name. When using this for the show title, a year may, or may not be included, depending on how the name was defined on TheTVDB. If this option is checked, a leading zero WILL be added anyway for numbers less than This option enables or disables scanning video files with FFprobe.

FFprobe is included with the files you download here. Rename My TV Series would catch this during the renaming process as well and produce a failure as well. In some cases however one may want to have multiple episodes as they may be stored in different formats or resolutions. For example a p version for mobile use and a p version for watching it at home on your TV. Enabling this option default disabled allows you to override this.

Be warned though; this may result in unexpected outcomes. This option enables or disables the little hint windows popping up when hovering over certain user interface elements. By adding, removing, or updating data, the database may get defragmented and become slower. This is probably only noticeable with large amounts of data in the database, but SQLite has a cleaning vacuum option which will run each time the application is closed. This does slow down closing the application a tiny bit, so if it takes too long for your taste; you can disable it.

Since we all have different monitors, different preferences on the position and size of the application window; this option will save the size and position of Rename My TV Series. This option also exists in the main menu. Searching TV Shows is best done in the English language, but it can be desirable to select another language.

Here you can set the default language which can be overridden in the main window on an individual basis. Some are not translated, some only partially. Selecting another language may result in finding less TV shows, incomplete translations, etc. When searching for TV Shows, you may get zero or more results. Assuming this was the TV Show you were looking for anyway.

By default, Episodes are listed by date Aired. By checking this option, the DVD sort order will be used instead. Normally, episodes are numbered in such a way that each season start with episode 1. Enabling this option will start numbering with Season 1, episode 1, and keep numbering the following season in sequence. This means, if Season 1 ends with Episode 24, then Season 2 will start with Episode Episodes in Season 0 zero a.

With a normal workflow, one may start with selecting a TV Show, select episodes, add files, rename, and start the next TV show. With this option enabled, all lists will be cleared when you select another TV Show, to avoid mixing up things. In case your workflow is different, for example you do mix TV Shows or you have the habit of adding files first, then you may want to disable this option by unchecking it. In theTVDB data, sometimes shows are not named in a consisted way.

In the video demo in the beginning of this article, you could already see this. To speed up things, episodes information is being cached in the SQLite database, which in most cases is just fine.

Weekly broadcasted shows will most likely not update more than once a week, and most of the time information is already known far before the next episode is being broadcasted. For old show, the data may never update. TheTVDB is however very active and old data may be corrected and updated at any time. After the indicated number of days, Rename My TV Series will check if an update is needed, and if so, execute the update. Default this is set to 7 days, but you can pick anything you want.


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