Error: “There is a problem with Generator” occurs when launching Photoshop – Remove non-default plug-ins

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To fix the issue, you can do the following:. Find the preset files that have large file size and move them to another location on your computer. Reset Photoshop preferences to default: Photoshop freeze, crash, or even slow performance can be because of too many customization settings in preferences. You can fix the abrupt behavior of the app by restoring Photoshop preferences to default.

However, reset will delete all the personalized settings. So backup your preferences before reset. To restore Photoshop preferences to default, follow the below steps:.

Solution: Photoshop is a hardware and graphic-intensive application and thus needs more resources for optimum performance compared to other apps. Less RAM or outdated graphic drivers can make your photo editing software sluggish.

To speed up the performance of Photoshop, you can do the following:. If the above solutions do not work, the photo may be damaged. Use a photo repair software – Stellar Repair for Photo to fix corrupt pictures.

Solution: Photoshop In the previous Photoshop versions, too, the green screen error appears when working on dual monitors. You can fix the green screen problem by closing and then restarting Photoshop. Check in Deactivate Native Canvas and restart Photoshop. To fix Photoshop RAW camera file error, ensure that you have installed the latest updates of the software.

Solution: If Photoshop brush tool is not painting, crop tool is greyed-out , or other tools have stopped working properly, reset tool to its default settings. Right click on the default tool icon in the Tools bar and select Reset Tool. If you choose Reset All Tools , all the Photoshop tools will get reset to their defaults.

Tip: If the brush tool suddenly stops working, check and turn off the caps lock button on keyboard. The brush tool would start working again. It was a bug mostly reported in previous versions of Photoshop CC Solution: Photoshop tools may be missing after updates or switching to a different workspace. You can reset toolbar to default to fix the issue. Since Photoshop saves the tools customization settings in preferences and workspace, try the following methods for restoring toolbar to default:.

You would see a loading wheel while trying to open multiple files in Photoshop. Next, restart Photoshop. Simply updating the software can relieve you of many problems.

The latest update of Photoshop desktop version How to open CR3 files of Canon camera in Photoshop. Ways to Fix Damaged Photos in Photoshop. Trial Download is for Desktop or Laptop. Put your email id to receive the download link. The software is not for Mobile. Enter your Email ID below to get the download link. Check your email. Sign in Sign up.

Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Last active Aug 5, Code Revisions 6 Stars 16 Forks 2. Embed What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Learn more about clone URLs. Download ZIP. Adobe Photoshop version history.

Adobe Photoshop version history This was taken from the Wikipedia article Adobe Photoshop version history , which was deleted it may still be available on Google Cache. Version Platform Codename Release date Notes and significant changes 0. CS2 9. Severability If any provision of this Agreement shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect. To the extent any express or implied restrictions are not permitted by applicable laws, these express or implied restrictions shall remain in force and effect to the maximum extent permitted by such applicable laws.

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Adobe photoshop cc 2018 generator error free


It is somewhat long. Near the end it recommends checking and changing the registry because the Documents folder is pointing to a non-existant drive. There may be an alternative to modifying the registry. I have not had this error with my PSE so can’t personally verify this.

It’s probably worth a try. Open File Explorer. You should see a Quick Access section in the panel on the left. Documents, Pictures, Video, Downloads, Desktop will lbe listed there. Try clicking Documents, etc. Do you get an error with any of these? If so, right click that named folder in the Quick Access section it must be the folder in Quick Access. Click properties. In Properties there is a Location tab. Click that. You will see a panel that allows you to move the named document folder to another Location.

I’ve spent a few hours with support and didn’t get anywhere so they’ve escalated it. Folder redirections work fine for admins its only non-admins that receive this generator error in Hopefully adobe come back to me, the call has been logged with them since early June and last update I received was last week about it being escalated. Not happy with the support so far. The following may only apply to Windows. If only non-admins receive the generator error, it may be that the permissions on a file or folder are set to admins only or restricted to a named user.

Try running Photoshop as an admin from one of the students logins. Type Photoshop in the search box and you should see Photoshop at the top of the results. If you do not see the error, then it is a permissions problem. See the second screenshot below. This would need to be done on each machine. Gone thorough all the permissions with Adobe support.

I’ll wait for Adobe to come back to me. A tough problem. Please post the solution when it’s found. After spending another 2hrs with their senior support this is what they have said.

You can also use these self-help resources to help resolve your case” Pretty poor from Adobe I guess I will have to install which runs fine on a windows domain for non admins. I’ve never had issues in the past running older versions of photoshop on windows domain with non admins. Their senior support also said it could be a bug which may be fixed in a future update.

Not supported on domain? Is the application installed locally? Photoshop works just fine with Active Directory logins on a domain. My guess is that you have the computers locked down too tightly speaking as a long-time IT guy. Application is installed locally. All permissions were checked by adobe support. Photoshop only runs ok as “run as administrator” or localdmin without the generator error. I can’t have school kids having admin rights.

Photoshop works fine for non admins as well as Serif photo software that we have installed on these PCs. Hopefully future updates will fix this generator error issue adobe thinks it could be a bug with the folder re-directions. Thanks, Sam. The generator folder is not there as per screenshot. There is however a folder called logs that has a debug. I just tried the above fix but I still get the error for generator third party add-ins. I can click through but this is very frustrating.

Ok, that tells us that Generator didn’t load at all. The error message is certainly not as informative as I would like it. That could be due to a firewall or other group policy restrictions. I am not familiar with all of those options, so I can’t say exactly where to look next. My bet is a collision of your particular domain policies and perhaps the installer or the above mentioned components. In addition to using as a workaround, I would suggest trying the Legacy Save for Web.

I checked the path for the PSErrorlog. Photoshop keeps a log of Generator activities in a folder named “Adobe Photoshop [Version]” that is, “Adobe Photoshop ” in the following location:. The logs might provide helpful information about which plug-ins are being loaded and which is causing an error.

Should you require more help, use the Log Collector Tool to gather the logs. To find these folders, please see the following:. The folder where this log is stored may not yet be created and its creation may be prevented by permissions or other factors.

Legal Notices Online Privacy Policy. Buy now. Error ‘There is a problem with Generator’ occurs when launching Photoshop Search. Try any of the solutions listed below. Remove non-default plug-ins. Disable Generator. Deselect Enable Generator. Review logs for errors. To find these folders, please see the following: Windows: Show hidden files and folders in Windows 10 macOS: Show hidden library files in macOS The folder where this log is stored may not yet be created and its creation may be prevented by permissions or other factors.

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