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Verify that the correct user is displayed, then enter your PIN. Address – Requires you to enter the city and address you wish to store. The operation is the same as selecting Address from the Enter destination by screen see page Page 82 Edit Category If desired, you can specify the category of the address. Say or select Edit Category to display the Select a category screen. Scroll the screen and select a category by saying the number next to your choice, or by touching the item.

If you wish to set, add, or edit a new category, select Edit Category in the upper right corner on the screen. Enter the name, address, and phone number in the same way as entering a personal address, then say or select Page User Name 4. Enter the same number, then touch Done to validate the number you have selected. If you have entered the same number both times, the display returns to the Edit personal information screen.

Say or select Done to perform the deletion, and the display returns to the previous screen. Tip: You can delete all addresses by selecting Delete All.

Page Unverified Area Routing Unverified Area Routing Allows you to receive turn-by-turn map and voice guidance in unverified areas when en route to a destination see Map Overview on page 6. The chart below illustrates the routing differences with this setting On or Off. Unverified Area Routing: Off factory default Decision: The driver wishes to navigate manually by using the You make this choice in the Setup screen second.

The next few pages contain an example of a route to a destination in an unverified area explaining the routing differences found in unverified areas. You must manually choose streets from the map that will lead to your destination. No guidance is provided, and there are no directions to the destination. Page Edit Avoid Area Edit Avoid Area This function allows you to select areas you wish to avoid when calculating a route to your destination.

You can select up to five areas to avoid. The selected area will be displayed as a shaded box with a yellow border. Push in on the joystick to set the end point of the avoided area. Page Edit Waypoint Search Area Edit Waypoint Search Area When driving en route to your destination, you can select a temporary destination waypoint marked with a small flag on the map along your route for gas, a restaurant, or other POI.

When you resume your trip from the waypoint, the system continues the trip to your original destination. This can sometimes lead to small errors in positioning, such as showing you on an adjacent street.

For ordering updates, use the version number stamped on the label as Ver. XX of the navigation DVD. If you are driving across the country and passing through time zones, then this feature will automatically set the time to the time zone you are traveling through.

Page Color Color From the Setup screen second , say or select Color and the following screen appears: Map Color Allows you to choose the map color from one of four colors for the Day and Night modes.

Say or select Return to return to the previous screen. Page System Initialization System Initialization If for any reason you lose power to the navigation system e.

Once completed, your system will be ready to use. If it does, the following screen appears: The navigation system lost power and is acquiring its location from the GPS satellites. This usually takes less than 10 minutes.

Page System Limitations Although your navigation system is one of the most highly sophisticated pieces of equipment you will find in a modern automobile, you may find during its use that it has certain limitations. The system uses GPS signals to aid in determining its current location. Page System Limitations The destination icon shows the approximate location of the destination. This occurs because a city block can have as many as possible addresses for example, the block is followed by the block.

Since most cities use only a portion of the possible addresses for example, in the block, the addresses may only go up to Page Database Limitations You will find that some points of interest POI may be missing when you search the database. This can be caused if at the time the database was gathered, the name was misspelled, the place was improperly categorized, or the POI change is not yet in the database.

The system will not work without the DVD. Ensure the door remains closed at all times. Additional voice commands allow CD tracks, and folders be played in a random, repeat, or scan mode. The U. Canada coverage consists of major metropolitan areas and major roads connecting the metropolitan areas within about Major metropolitan city POIs are also included. These functions include but are not limited to automatic clock updates and time zone adjustments.

Alaska If the vehicle was purchased in the lower 48 states and driven to Alaska, the system cannot display maps. I am the only driver.

Page Problem When I drive at night, the screen is bright and will not switch to the night display mode. The daytime map screen is dark like the night display mode, and it is hard to see. During the day, I turned on the lights because it started to rain, but the screen went dark.

Page Frequently Asked Questions Guidance, Routing Problem The navigation does not route me the same way I would go, or the way some other mapping program displays. Why is this?

It has been here for more than a year. What do they mean? A road that I selected to avoid is being used when routing. What is wrong? How do I purchase one? I want to order a DVD. How can I determine the DVD version in my navigation system? I got a navigation DVD from a friend or an online source, but it does not work.

Is there a problem? The screen does not close completely. Where can I get PC card adaptors or the media chips that go into them?

How do I put music files onto the PC Card? Frequently Asked Questions Some of the files on the PC card will not play, or I have an eight GB card with songs, but only play. Rear Camera Problem When I shift gears, the rear camera image is delayed. The rear camera image is too dark or too bright. How do I adjust the brightness? Frequently Asked Questions Solution When driving near a time zone border, the time changes even though I am not near the time zone.

My state does not observe daylight saving time. Page Problem My battery was disconnected or went dead, and the navigation system is asking for a code. Where do I find this code? I speak a language other than English. When will other languages be available for the navigation system? Frequently Asked Questions Solution There should be a card in the glove box with the anti-theft code for the Navigation unit door is open or No DVD disc is inserted.

Please check system. No DVD disc. DVD disc reading error unformatted. Please consult your dealer. Page Screen Error Message This destination cannot be found in database. Vehicle is out of the database coverage area. Solution The destination was not found in the database. Try another destination nearby, or select the destination with the joystick. Page Glossary Glossary Glossary The following is a glossary of terms pertaining to the voice recognition navigation system.

Avoid Area – Areas you wish to avoid can be entered into the system, and will be avoided while routing. Breadcrumbs – Off-road tracking dots that can be followed on the map to retrace your route back to a mapped digitized road. The navigation screen. Map Matching – The received GPS information allows the navigation system to position the vehicle on the map.

Map matching has occurred if the map screen is displaying the current street name in the bottom- shaded area. Page Glossary Unverified Streets – These streets have not been verified for turn restrictions, one-way, etc. They are shown in light brown on the map. Unverified streets may be missing from the map, shown in the wrong location, or have an incorrect name or address range. Find nearest: find the nearest selection ACURA dealers HONDA dealers gas station hydrogen station bank post office hospital police station hotel tourist attraction restaurant all restaurant types American restaurant Chinese restaurant fast food Italian restaurant The system accepts these commands on most screens.

Temperature degrees : degrees F Temperature up Temperature down Driver temperature degrees : degrees F Driver temperature up Driver temperature down Passenger temperature degrees For the Setup screen second , simply say what is written on the screen, and follow the voice prompts. There are over on- screen commands.

Page Index Page This manual is also suitable for: Cr-v Cr-v Print page 1 Print document pages. Rename the bookmark. Delete bookmark? Cancel Delete. Delete from my manuals? Sign In OR. Don’t have an account? Sign up! Provide a clear and comprehensive description of the problem and your question.

The better your problem and question is described, the easier it is for other Honda owners to provide you with a good answer. Can’t find the answer to your question in the manual? Is your question not listed? This is due to changes. This manual will be replaced with a. Need help? Ask a question. How do I convert miles into kilometres? The location of the VIN number of the car differs per brand and type of car. The code may be stamped on the frame of the car or mounted on a plate.

What is a VIN number? The VIN number of a car is an identification number unique to each car. When does my Honda need maintenance? Regular maintenance is necessary for every car. How often the car needs maintenance and what exactly needs to be done can be found in the maintenance instructions. For major periodic service, this should generally be done every 2 years or after 30, kilometres. When should I change the brake fluid of my Honda? It is recommended to change the brake fluid every two years.


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Table Of Contents. Quick Links. See also: Owner’s Manual. Table of Contents. This document does not contain hyperlinks honda crv 2010 manual may be formatted for printing instead of. This is нажмите чтобы увидеть больше to changes in content and specifications of the vehicle that happen. This manual will be replaced with a hyperlinked version at the.

Нажмите чтобы прочитать больше Page. Next Page. Automobile Honda Civic Sedan Owner’s Manual civic sedan online reference owner’s manual pages. This is due to changes in content and specifications of the vehicle that happen throughout the model year. Honda crv 2010 manual manual will honsa replaced with a hyperlinked version at the end of the model year.

Page 2: Table Of Contents Introduction Page 3 Table of Contents Landmark Icons Page 4 System Limitations Page 6: Accessories Precautions The navigation system applies location, direction, and speed information to the maps and calculates a route to the destination you enter. As you drive to that destination, the system provides map and voice guidance.

The navigation system is easy to use. The locations of many places of business and entertainment are already entered in the honda crv 2010 manual. Follow all operating instructions and safety information in this manual. While driving, do not look at the screen or operate the system controls for more than a second or so at a time, and only after deciding you can do so safely.

Page 8 Verified streets dark colored These roads are found within metropolitan areas, and When include interstate freeways and major roads displayed connecting cities. Shown on daytime map screen as black or red, such as Street color interstate freeways. The database vendor has verified these streets. Honda crv 2010 manual like turn restrictions, average speed, and Map quality whether it is a one-way street have been gathered and After making a selection in a menu or list, push in on the joystick to enter the selection into the system.

Page Voice Control Basics Getting Started Voice Control Basics Your vehicle has a voice control system that allows hands-free operation of most of the navigation mxnual functions. You can also control the audio and climate control system. Page Using The Voice Control System Using the Voice Control System You should use the voice control system as much as possible, and consider manual entry using the joystick as a backup method of entry.

Use the displayed letters to enter the information. Say or select Space to enter a space between words. Say honda crv 2010 manual select Delete to erase a letter entered incorrectly.

When entering an address, the system searches the cdv for words that match the letters you are entering. Page 18 Read this disclaimer carefully so you understand it before continuing. Push in on the joystick, or touch OK, and the map screen will appear on the display.

NOTE: If you do not select OK, honnda then enter the Setup or Information screens, some items are not available and will show up as darkened buttons grayed out. If you wish to нажмите для деталей the reminder show up again later in the day, touch the Remind Later button. Zooming in increases the detail, while zooming out gives you a wide area view.

After changing the scale, give the system a few moments to update the display. Page System Function Diagram Getting Started System Function Diagram This diagram shows the navigation system features, starting at здесь center and working outward in layers. If OK is selected on the Disclaimer screen, the functions in the yellow segments of honda crv 2010 manual diagram become available in the Setup and Information Page Entering A Honda crv 2010 manual Entering a Destination When you press the MENU button, the display changes to: Address see page 23 This selection requires you vrv enter the city and possibly the state and the address that you want to go to.

Intersection see page 27 This selection allows you to enter the names of two intersecting streets in a city. Say the city name by cdv individual letters, or words that represent the letters, one at a time. Page Selecting The Street If the system does not find honda crv 2010 manual exact match, select List when you finish entering the name of the city. Most of the cities and towns for that state are listed. Page 27 Entering a Destination The crf has a talk back function.

If your spoken letter is not recognized, the system will talk back to you. Use the voice control adobe acrobat pro dc 2018 vs 11 free download and say the address number as a continuous string of numbers.

Try entering the street first. The system then includes them in its calculations for the destination you have entered. Page honda crv 2010 manual The system has a talk hodna function. Say the street name and the searching will begin. Rcv 32 By Touch Control: After you have selected the city, or if you select Street in the honda crv 2010 manual, the display changes to the Enter street name screen. Page Finding The Place By Category Finding the Place by Category The Category option gives you a list of categories or types of businesses to select from with the following screen: Tip: If you are not sure of the spelling of a place, the best way to find it is to use the keyword search.

Page 36 Place Name by Keyword If you do not know the exact name of the destination, you can find the place with a keyword. When you select this option, honda crv 2010 manual display changes to: You can find your destination with a keyword using the Sort by Distance to Travel option or City Vicinity option.

This list is arranged by distance from your current location, with the closest at the top of the list. The distance and direction to the destination at the top of the list are shown in the screen. Only telephone numbers stored in the system under the Places of business option are recognized. The system does not contain residential telephone numbers, or numbers you may have entered in your personal Address Book. When you have the crosshairs on the desired icon, map feature, or road, push in on the joystick.

The address of the location will appear at the top of the screen. When you have entered the desired city, the display changes to a map. The starting location will be the central position in the selected city. See Showing the Map of Current Position on page 37 for instructions on finding and entering your desired If not, use the joystick to reposition the crosshairs, then push in on the joystick again to display the new address.

If you selected a single icon or road segment, push in on the joystick again to select the new address. Page By Previous Destinations By Previous Destinations Every time you route to a destination, that destination is saved by the system.

Up to 50 destinations can be stored. Select Previous Destinations from the Enter destination by screen to choose one of those destinations. After you select Previous Destinations, the display lists the last /12106.txt destinations entered, with the most recent manua, first.

Select Done to return to the Enter destination by screen. If the displayed list shows your plans, select the first destination. Scroll manuall the list to find your desired destination. See Edit Avoid Area on page The route choices will appear in the address box. Map displays a map of the 2007 rav4 owners manual download vicinity.

Page Guidance Prompts Driving to Your Destination Guidance Prompts As you get near honda crv 2010 manual maneuver, you will hear a voice reminder and see a pop-up window showing you the maneuver. The number of reminders that you will hear before a maneuver is determined by Guidance Prompts in Setup on page Mznual of the icons and screen features are similar to those on the map screen.

Freeway Exit Information You can search freeway exit information and add new destinations or waypoints to the calculated route honda crv 2010 manual a new destination or waypoint. The exit info icon honda crv 2010 manual the right end вот ссылка the items in the direction list honda crv 2010 manual that there is freeway exit information available. Zooming in increases the detail, while zooming out gives you a view of a wider area.

Page Landmark Icons The display automatically honda crv 2010 manual to the map screen when you reach /876.txt destination. Page 59 Driving to Your Destination For some icons, honda crv 2010 manual can choose either to show or hide 200 on the map, while others like Honda Dealer are always shown. The table below honda crv 2010 manual the features for each icon type. Page Showing Icons On The Map Showing Icons on the Map Touching the ICON button on the map screen displays the following screen: The screen consists of the following items: Icon Bar row of icon symbols The icon bar allows you to manually select the icons that are displayed on the honda crv 2010 manual see page 57 mnaual a list of these icons.

The system will recalculate the route from your current location and direction to honda crv 2010 manual desired destination, and then give you a new route instruction. Page 66 When you enter waypoints, they appear on the map screen as small red flags numbered Adding Waypoints From the Change route by screen, if you say or select Search Places on Route, then the Select a search method screen is displayed.

Say the line number of the honda crv 2010 manual s you wish to delete, or select ссылка на продолжение by using the joystick. Back to Current Route Returns you to the original map screen.

Changing Your Destination There are four methods by which you can change or add a waypoint to your route. Page 69 Driving to Your Honad When the Select a place screen is displayed, детальнее на этой странице an item from the list, and the Милое teams download für desktop – teams download für desktop сами route to screen manua, displayed. Follow the procedure described in Entering a Destination, which begins on page After selecting OK to the Calculate route to screen, your new location can be used either mxnual a waypoint or as a Page Map Legend There is a tutorial available for the voice command help.

Say or select Getting started, and the display changes to: Select the line number of the desired tutorial you want to view, and the tutorial will automatically be read.

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